Telco’s trench heater type TRL is a practical alternative to underfloor heating, requiring no wall space and giving excellent heat output. Trench units are ideally positioned in front of an expanse of glass such as conservatories, patio windows or public areas. the grilles should be made in metal and solid enough to be walked on.
The heaters are made from aluminum and designed for external controls.
Two installation nipples permit further connection.

Data sheet and assembly instructions

TypeEl numberPowerHeightLengthDepthDescription
TRL 0354 493 90300 W95 mm550 mm93 mmLow-temperature trench heater
with thermal cut-out.
For fixed installation og external
adjustment 1/4 - 1/2 - 1/1
TRL 0454 493 91400 W95 mm800 mm93 mm
TRL 0554 493 92500 W95 mm1000 mm93 mm
TRL 0654 493 93600 W95 mm1200 mm93 mm
Floor brackets54 492 44

The heaters are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections. The complete heating element is also made from aluminium and incorporates a heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and connection lead in one unit. This is a well tested design that provides excellent heat distribution and a long lifetime.

The grille covering the trench should be in metall, It is recommended to be a minimum of 15cm wide, and at least as long as the heater. The grille must have at least 60% open area evenly distributed for good airflow. The picture shows a TRL model in the trench attached with wall mounting brackets. It can also be mounted on floor brackets to the bottom of the trench if that is more suitable.

Flow-through heater for permanent installation and external adjustment, with thermal cut-out.
230 V
Colour: natural aluminum
Splashproof and rustproof; can be used in wet rooms.
Connection: Right-hand side
Wall mounting: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Floor installation: Heaters can be mounted to the floor using floor brackets that need to be ordered separately
Max. surface temperature: 60°C
Installation distance requirementsTRL
Minimum distance to side wall:2 cm
Minimum distance to floor:5 cm
Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill:15 cm