Telco’s skirting heater type MEU/ MEUS is a slim flow-through heater with elegant and neutral design.

This is a heater for external control. It is suitable for use in all types of rooms, both wet and dry. It is NEMKO approved with protection classification IP 24. MX is particularly well suited for eliminating draughts below large window panes that reach all the way,or nearly all the way, down to the floor

Data sheet and assembly instructions

TypeArt.Nr. WhiteArt.Nr. BlackPowerHeightLengthDepthDescription
MX 0354 491 3654 491 40300 W79 mm500 mm83 mmNormal-temperature heater
For fixed installtion and external
MX 0754 491 3754 491 41700 W79 mm1045 mm83 mm
MX 1054 491 3854 491 421000 W79 mm1540 mm83 mm
MX 1354 491 3954 491 431300 W79 mm2040 mm83 mm
Floor brackets54 490 20

The heaters are manufactured from extruded aluminum sections. The complete heating element is also made from aluminum and incorporates a heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and connection lead in one unit. This is a well tested design that provides excellent heat distribution and a long lifetime. To prevent contact between metal parts, we use heat-resistant silicon mats as inserts when fastening elements.

The controls are easily accessible and clearly visible on the right-hand side of the heater.
MX can be painted in special colours (link to page) and supplied with curtain clamps and floor brackets.

Flow-through heater for extarnal control.
230 V
Standard ColorsWHITE : RAL 9016 & BLACK RAL 9011
Splashproof (IP 24) and rustproof; can be used in wet rooms.
Connection: Right-hand side
Wall mounting: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Floor installation: Heaters can be mounted to the floor using floor brackets that need to be ordered separately
Max. surface temperature: 82°C
Installation distance requirementsMX
Minimum distance to side wall:2 cm
Minimum distance to floor:5 cm
Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill:20 cm

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