The MPU skirting heaters are elegant, modern and minimalist flow-through heaters for use in all types of rooms where the heat is not controlled by a central control system. With their relatively high power output, they are well suited as additional heat to take cold rays from large windows, but can also be used as a main heating source. They have a user-friendly control unit with LCD display and an electronic thermostat with the possibility of energy savings through the choice of weekly programs. The heaters have adaptive heating in order to gain comfort temperature at the right time. Meets the requirements for Ecodesign.

Data sheet and assembly instructions

TypeArt.Nr. WhiteArt.Nr. BlackPowerHeightLengthDepth
MPU 0354 491 6654 491 70300 W79 mm560 mm83 mm
MPU 0754 491 6754 491 71700 W79 mm1105 mm83 mm
MPU 1054 491 6854 491 721000 W79 mm1600 mm83 mm
MPU 1354 491 6954 491 731300 W79 mm2100 mm83 mm
Floor brackets54 490 20

The complete heating element is also made from aluminum and incorporates a heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and connection lead in one unit. This is a tried and tested design that provides excellent heat distribution and a long lifetime.

Cable and plug included, but can be removed for hidden / fixed connection.

Flow-through heater with on/off-switch. Electronic thermostat with 10 different week programs
230 V
Color: WHITE RAL 9016 & BLACK RAL 9011 (can be painted in other RAL colors)
Protection category: IP 20
Connection: Right-hand side.
Wall mounting: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Floor installation: Heaters can be fitted to the floor using floor brackets that need to be ordered separately
Max. surface temperature: 82°C
Installation distance requirementsMEU / MEUS
Minimum distance to side wall: 2 cm
Minimum distance to floor:5 cm
Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill: 20 cm

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