Today’s ship and offshore heaters must meet very high safety requirements, first and foremost from insurance companies. Telco’s Marine heaters are prodused completely from rustproof meterials: constructed from aluminum sections, steel/aluminum heating elements and a watertight swichbox made from self-extinguishing plastic. They are built with anti-vibration srews and fixed wall brackets. The heaters are also equipped with a protaction grille which has a 30° incline to the wall.

Type T2RIB has been approved by Norwegian risk-assessment foundation Det Norske Veritas with the classification IP 44 for use in wet and dry rooms on ships and offshore installations. Constructed in aluminium and stainless steel, the lightweight T2RIB is ideal for ships and offshore installations which impose space and weight limitations, for exampla in bathrooms and toilets.

A powerhouse in a small frame, the T2RIB gives high power output compared to it’s modest size and weight. But the surface temperature remains below the maximum limit stipulated for electric heaters. The heater features a grille at the top to prevent it from beeing covered, and an automatic thermal cut-out to avert overheating
T2RIB is designed for fixed mounting and must be installed in a horizontal position
T2RIB heaters are approved by Det norske Veritas, RMRS.

Data sheet and assembly instructions

TypeElnumber 230 VElnumber 400 VPowerHeightLengthDepth
T2RIB 02554 494 5654 494 57250 W238 mm37996 mm
T2RIB 0354 494 6054 494 61300 W238 mm37996 mm
T2RIB 0454 494 6454 494 65400 W238 mm37996 mm
T2RIB 0554 494 0854 494 09500 W238 mm47496 mm
T2RIB 0854 494 6854 494 69800 W238 mm62996 mm
T2RIB 1054 494 1654 494 171000 W238 mm86996 mm
T2RIB 1254 494 7254 494 731200 W238 mm86996 mm
T2RIB 1654 494 7654 494 771600 W238 mm113496 mm
T2RIB 2054 494 9054 494 912000 W238 mm139596 mm
Flow-through marine heater with on/off swich, bi-metal thermostat , thermal cut-out and protection grille.
230 V and 400V
Colour: Pearl white
Connection: Right-hand side
Fitting to walls: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Max. surface temperature: 69°C
Classification: IP 44. This heater is particulary suited for use in damp environment, e.g. bathrooms and toilets
Installation distance requirementsT2RIB
Minimum distance to side wall:2 cm
Minimum distance to floor:2 cm
Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill:38 cm