Telco’s interior heaters type TIU are well tested flow-through heaters. These heaters have a splashproof design and are suitable for use in all types of rooms, both wet and dry.

These heaters has higher power per length unit than most other heaters on the market, and is therefore well suited to bathrooms and other rooms with high heating requirements and limited space.

Data sheet and assembly instructions

TypeEl numberPowerHeightLengthDepthDescription
TIU 0354 490 25300 W150 mm403mm83 mmNormal-temperature interior heater
With bi-metal thermostat and on/of switch
For fixed installation
TIU 0854 490 26800 W150 mm682 mm83 mm
TIU 1254 490 271200 W150 mm893 mm83 mm
TIU 1654 490 281600 W150 mm1157 mm83 mm
TIUS 0354 490 30300 W150 mm403 mm83 mmNormal-temperature interior heater
with cable and plug
TIUS 0854 490 31800 W150 mm682 mm83 mm
TIUS 1254 490 321200 W150 mm893 mm83 mm
TIUS 1654 490 331600 W150 mm1157 mm83 mm
Floor brackets54 490 45

The heater is manufactured from extruded aluminium sections. The complete heating element is also made from aluminium and incorporates a heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and connection lead in one unit. This is a well tested design that provides excellent heat distribution and a long lifetime. The controls are easily accessible and clearly visible on the right-hand side of the heater.

Flow-through heater with thermal cut-out
230 V
Colour: Pearl white
Splashproof and rustproof; can be used in wet rooms.
Connection: Right-hand side
Fitting to walls: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Floor installation: Heaters can be fitted to the floor using floor brackets that need to be ordered separately
Max. surface temperature: 44°C
Installation distance requirementsTIU/TIUS
Minimum distance to side wall:2 cm
Minimum distance to floor:5 cm
Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill:30 cm