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Telco heaters


Skirting heater type MEU-S
Basic heater type PEU-S
Trench heater type TRL


Telco Fabrikker AS has since the start in 1973 developed and produced electric, aluminum heaters for ships and offshore installations. We also produce heaters for industry, busines and privat homes

The company has found its niche in a competitive market, special heaters of modest size, but with high heat output.  Telco has succeded in competing with the tradition panel- and convection heaters which take up more wall space.

The company's development of special heaters designed for use in damp areas and splash-proof to classification IP 44, opens up the interesting markets in shipping and offshore installations, particularly with the added advantage  of non-corrosive, lightweight construction.


In addition to the standard sizes and power outputs presented here, the company also can  supply special products to specification.

Telco would like to take part in solving your problems.  Please contact us if you need more information.



        Telco has heaters for many purposes:   

  • Ships- and  offshore installations.
  • Bathrooms, toilets, drying cabinets 
  • Kindergarten, nurseries 
  • Greenhouses
  • Scools and institutions 
  • Shops, offices and hotells.
  • Everyday rooms 


Important features for Telco heaters: 
  • Non corrosive
  • High output 
  • Splash-proof



Telco Fabrikker AS  -  phone: (+47) 73 81 20 90  -  fax: (+47) 73 81 74 95  -  e-mail:  -  N-7580 Selbu - Norway