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Bench heater - TLK




Heater type TLK is designed to heat stationary benches in churches, sports halls, waiting rooms, changing rooms etc. It is particularly wellsuited to outdoor sports facilities. The heater is fitted lengthwise under the seat. This allows the seating area, the floor and air around thebench to be heated whilst keeping the overall room temperature relatively low. This heating method saves a great deal of energy in forexample churches and sports halls which have large room volumes that are occupied for a short period of time. Ideally, the heaters can be controlled by a room thermostat set to a relatively low basic temperature and reset to the desired temperature shortly before use.



EL number






TLK 02

54 493 60

200 W

79 mm

1055 mm

65 mm

Low-temperature bench heater. For permanent installation and external control.


Open or download technical document: TLK english.pdf

The heater is manufactured from extruded aluminium sections. The complete heating element is also made from aluminium and incorporates a heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and connection lead in one unit. This is a tried and tested design that provides excellent heat distribution and a long lifetime.

The heater must be fitted horizontally.
Standard connection:  Right hand side.

TLK can be lacquered in special colours, for details look at the page: Additional

Flow-through heater for external control and permanent installation

230 V

Colour: Pearl white
Splashproof and rustproof; can be used in wet rooms.
Connection: Right-hand side
Fitting to walls: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with sturdy wall brackets.
Floor installation: Heaters can be fitted to the floor using floor brackets that need to be ordered separately
Max. surface temperature:  57°C


Installation distance requirements


Minimum distance to side wall:

1 cm

Minimum distance to floor:

15 cm

Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill: 5 cm
Minimum distance to back wall

2 cm


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