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Marine heaters



     Features for Telco's Marine heaters:

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Low surface temperature

  • Low weight

  • High power from a small surface

  • Anti-magnetic meterial

  • Particulary suite for wet rooms (T2RIB)



 Today's ship and offshore heaters have to meet extremely stringent requirements, first and foremost from insurance companies.Telco's Marine heaters are the only ones on the marked that are prodused completely from rustproof meterials: constructed from aluminum sections, steel/aluminum heating elements and a swichbox made from self-extinguishing plastic. The heaters are equipped with a dustproof and watertight swich box, anti vibration srews and fixed wall brackets. The heaters are also equipped with a protaction grille which has a
30° incline to the wall.

Type T2RIB has been approved by Norwegian risk-assessment foundation Det Norske Veritas with the classification IP 44 for use in wet and dry rooms on ships and offshore installations. Its a good option where space and weight are importand factors when choosing a heating source, for exampla in bathrooms and toilets.

Type FIB has received the classification IP 22 nd is intended for use in all rooms where splash-proof designs is essential.
Type FIB is a somewhat less expensive solution than type T2RIB. The heater is classic and elegant and is well suited to cabins, lounges and other dry rooms.



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