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Marine Heater - FIB



Marine heater with on/off-switch, thermostat and overheat protection.

IP22 classified, the Telco FIB heater is designed for use in dry shipboard accomotations.   

Built entirely of non-corrosive materials, the heater features aluminium profiles and an aluminium heating element.  The heating coil, insulation, cooling fins and electrical cord make up one unit.  A grill at the top of
the heater prevents it from being covered, and an automatic
thermal cut-out averts overheating.

FIB is a small, elegant heater with low surface temperature.

FIB is designed to be fitted as fixures and must be installed in a horizontal position.

FIB heaters are approved by Det Norske Veritas.



Elnumber 230 V

Elnumber 400 V


Height  incl. grille




FIB 05

54 494 80

54 494 83

500 W

400 mm

300 mm

620 mm

87 mm

FIB 075

54 494 81

54 494 84

750 W

400 mm

300 mm

920 mm

87 mm

FIB 10

54 494 82

54 494 85

1000 W

400 mm

300 mm

1220 mm

87 mm


Open or download technical document: FIB english.pdf
Open or download RRR Certificate
(Russian River Register)
RRR certificate.pdf

Flow-through marine heater with on/off swich, bi-metal thermostat , thermal cut-out and protection grille.

230 V and 400V

Colour: Pearl white
Connection: Right-hand side
Fitting to walls: Heaters must be fitted horizontally and are delivered with solid wall brackets.
Max. surface temperature: 69°C
Classification: IP 22. Thisheater is a suitable option in dry rooms such as ship cabins etc.


Installation distance requirements


Minimum distance to side wall:

2 cm

Minimum distance to floor:

5 cm

Minimum distance to ceiling or window sill:

15 cm


Telco Fabrikker AS  -  phone: (+47) 73 81 20 90  -  fax: (+47) 73 81 74 95  -  e-mail:  -  N-7580 Selbu - Norway